Why do you work primarily with airbrush makeup?

In my experience I have found that airbrush makeup gives the most flawless finish to the face.  It is lightweight yet provides excellent, build-able coverage.  It is sweat-proof, tear-proof and can last an insanely long time.  It holds up extremely well in high heat & humidity and I find that it really is the best overall foundation option. I’m somewhat of a minimalist, preferring only to work with products that I find to be tested and true.  That being said, I carry a variety of Temptu airbrush formulas in my kit and choose the formula that will work best with your skin type.

How long will my makeup last?

Your makeup will last all day, into the night.  It is extremely durable.  I really take my time researching and testing the products I use to ensure they provide the longest and best wear possible.

I’m not sure I can afford professional makeup for my wedding day. Is it worth the cost?

Yes, if you can do it, it is 100% worth the cost to spend money on your wedding makeup (& hair!).  It is an investment that is complimentary to your dress, shoes, flowers and every other detail you put into your “big day”.  Your face will be forever captured in your wedding photography and you want that face to be a flawless reflection of that image you’ve dreamed and planned for.  A professional makeup artist will use all of the right products & techniques from start to finish that will work with your face & modern photography.  If you cannot afford to have your makeup professionally done for your big day, then I highly recommend scheduling a makeup lesson with a professional prior to your wedding day, leaving ample time to purchase your products and practice your look to get it just right.

Why is the cost of the bride’s makeup more than everyone else’s?

There are reasons why the bride’s makeup costs a bit more than the other members of the bridal party. Some factors are time spent on coordination, contracts and other behind the scenes things that need to happen in order for the wedding day to run smoothly. Additionally, more time is devoted to the bride on the actual day than the other bridal party members. One last thing to consider are items that are used on the bride that are not used for other bridal party members, which can include eye gels, skin masks or other luxury items.

What brands of makeup do you use?

I am somewhat of a product junkie for being one that is a minimalist.  I love to try out new products and formulas.  I have tools & products in my personal & professional kit that range from e.l.f. to NARS and everything in between.  Some of my personal favorites are Anastasia, NARS, Viseart, Urban Decay, MAC, Laura Mercier & Too Faced.  I am not loyal to any one brand.  I don’t think that there is any one brand out there that has hit a home run with every product in their line.

Why is your retainer $150?

Bridal bookings are generally done on key booking dates during wedding season. Once your date is booked, I cannot book another client for that date. Should you choose to cancel, the likeliness of booking another client that date is slim.

Have a question? Please reach out and ask me anything!